“we talked about it last night.” the breeders in manchester, 3/3

the breeders in manchester 2018, concert review 3/3

still in ozzy osbourne’s home town, i took a day off – did you know that there ain’t no history-of-metal-museum in birmingham? – and spent it in bed, recollecting my concert memories and texting with my friends at home. i needed that whole day because if you don’t do social media, you have to tell the same things over and over again, it’s true!

on friday, it was time for a long and comfy bus ride to manchester. i had been to manchester a couple of times already. i saw courtney love there in 2010 and another time with my ex-girlfriend, i stayed at a gay hotel just above a karaoke bar on canal street. nice to watch some dyke drama (which is not your own) right from your window.

fuelled by £1 coconut water and the urge to hear ‘archangel’s thunderbird’, i was ready for whatever would come my way. i had decided to wear my vinyldyke t-shirt again so that other queer people could recognize me. not at all neccessary! after a while, i found myself in A PIT FULL OF DYKES! all kinds—young dykes, old dykes, even an academic-looking couple. i was in heaven. and don’t you remember – kelley deal had already talked to me.

i was rather relaxed and enjoyed the first couple of songs. but then i was shocked by what i noticed. all wonderful dykes were standing there like pillars of salt! while some long-haired, middle-aged guys were having a great time behind me, singing along, dancing, headbanging and cheering all respectfully. ’twas a HEARTBREAK!

whatever. this time, i didn’t want to behave like the most annoying superfan, so i only shouted,


and made chicken wings with my arms. no reaction. just the usual turning heads. more wings, no reaction.


but the signal word should be


kelley picked it up immediately. she pointed her finger to me and said,

—we’re not playing it. we… we talked about it last night.

—oh nooo, such a shame. 

the guys behind me joined in to my disappointed ‘ohhhhhh’s. 

—i’m sorry.


oh no! i was so disappointed and embarassed. kelley deal from the breeders, the kelley deal 6000 and r. ring, kim deal’s twin sister, star-knitter and anti-fashion icon in corduroy pants had just told me off in front of a thousand people. the second heartbreak in one night, oh man. 

anyway, the breeders are such an amazing, outstanding band, their music carried me away soon after and i joined the joyful guys behind me and jumped and danced to hits like ‘divine hammer’, ‘cannonball’ or ‘gigantic’ and stood there transfixed and almost crying to ‘off you’. 

later on, after the encore, one of the long-haired dudes approached me and said, 

—it was an honor to stand next to you, to such a great fan. i wish i’d been just like you when i was your age.

AWWWWWWWW. a little weird from a dyke’s perspective, but hey, at least one person was appreciating my love and effort.

the day after, i quickly headed back to berlin to see nick cave and the bad seeds. my friend had promised to pick me up from the airport and she had thought up a little surprise to top it all off:


did i mention nick cave? i was so spoiled by the breeders that i left early. only to find a video on youtube which shows the FULL CONCERT in manchester!

fast forward to 21:50 and you can hear me shouting, then kelley talking and apologizing, not at all harsh or annoyed as i had perceived it. SO CUTE. thank you so much. 

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