you wanna know how to write a grunge song or an easy metal guitar riff? but you think you’re ‘zero-talented’, running out of ideas or got stuck in the process somehow? here are my simple songwriting tips for you.

vinyldyke songwriting tip #1:

REPEAT IT. just repeat what you’ve already got. because it was good. because NIRVANA would always do so. because listeners’ brains are so squashy sometimes.

music in this video: jess coram of bitchslap – fallout; make music not love – you’re watching DV; vinyldyke – simple grunge song


vinyldyke songwriting tip #2:

WHAT WOULD YOUR FAVORITE BAND DO? when you’re stuck in the process or don’t even know how to start, just ask yourself, “what would my favorite artist do now?” i asked myself, “WHAT WOULD L7 DO???” and wrote a simple metal/grunge guitar riff.

music in this video: L7 – deathwish and andres, played on guitar; make music not love – couple bust; make music not love – you’re watching DV


vinyldyke songwriting tip #3:

TURN A FAIL INTO A NEW SONG: try to play your favorite songs, see what comes out and use that for yourself. sounds silly? it works! i didn’t know how to play the breeders song “walking with a killer”, but a beautiful guitar part came from my attempts to figure it out. another time, i was trying to remember how to play a slipknot song – and that even made it to a vinyl record, lol!

music in this video: the breeders – walking with a killer; slipknot – left behind on guitar; vinyldyke – beautiful guitar part; make music not love – body-negativity and you’re watching DV


vinyldyke songwriting tip #4:

FIND A GREAT OPENING LINE: you’ve got maybe two seconds of your listeners’ attention, first impression is everything. put extra effort into chosing a great first line.

songs in this video: smashing pumpkins – bullet with butterfly wings (sung); L7 – questioning my sanity; hole – violet.