the night KELLEY DEAL talked to me

birmingham. my breeders summer vacation 2/3

i must admit, the first show in bristol was a little disappointing. a reserved crowd and even worse—they didn’t play my favorite song from the new record, an amon düül 2 cover from 1970 called ‘archangel’s thunderbird’. 

by then i knew i had to take action. 

step 1, tweet to the breeders’ official account and to kelley’s and josephine’s as well. a few hours later…


A LIKE!!! unbelievable!

step 2, between two songs i would shout it out loud. 

so, after the first song i yelled

— archangel’s thunderbird, archangel’s thunderbird!

no reaction. but people were already turning their heads. then, after the third song,

— archangel’s thunderbird, ARCHANGEL’S THUNDERBIRD. 

still no reaction. then i reminded myself, you haven’t seen a therapist to be shy now. fuck what other people think and make yourself heard. so i gave it a last shot and yelled


no reaction. then just


that was the moment i caught her attention.

— are you the one from twitter? from twitter???

WTF, was KELLEY FUCKING DEAL talking to me?! to ME?! i was dying, man. dying. but i shouted,

— yeeeah! TWITTER! TWITTER! pleeease play it!! [pleading gestures]

— we’re not playing it.. [apologizing gestures]

— you can’t put it on the record and then not play it live! that’s so cruel!!!

kelley nodding, laughing, apologizing..

— play it in manchester then!!

— are you going to manchester??

— yeeaah, manchester!! pleeease. you’ve got a day off to practice!!

— maybe…

she said. and i was the happiest person in the world. 

so, maybe i was being an annoying superfan that night, but to be honest, how many times have real cool bands reacted positively to disrespectful bullies in the crowd? more often than you might think. i’ve seen it all—L7, sleater-kinney.. so why shouldn’t they interact with a cute dyke like me for once? 

and now? out of my way! don’t you know kelley deal has talked to me?!? i’m so damn grateful for this amazing experience. and i’m so not afraid of ageing anymore. how cool can you be in your 50s??? finally sober, surrounded by music and great people. i’m very much looking forward to that.


(photo shows kelley deal on stage who might be thinking, “who was that crazy b*tch?!”)


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