VINYLDYKE 2, out now.

VINYLDYKE 2, out now.

diy rock journalism from berlin

i was just so lucky! not only carrie brownstein agreed to answer a few questions for my fanzine, also grunge/alternative rock musician & songwriter jess coram sat down and answered all of my questions thoughtfully. how i loved reading her answers!

in this 2nd issue, i write about all the music, bands and artists that are very important to me in my life and what they’ve been up to in 2019. kelley deal, ex hex, dramathanL7 (of course!), and my own new grunge band passionless pointless.

also about music stuff like how to support independent artists, what queer booking agency to contact, my favorite podcast, and stories about record store day and buying a guitar amp as a feminist.


many thanks to everyone who inspired this issue and contributed to it. i’ve met so many of you readers both online and offline and hopefully you’ll notice that a lot of what we’ve talked about went into this zine in one way or another.


finding comfort in the analog, all artwork was done from photocopied record sleeves, tickets, stickers, a t-shirt, a flannel, snippets from 1990’s music magazines etc., cut and paste style with scissors and a glue stick.

i hope you’ll enjoy reading it.