VINYLDYKE ZINE, a queer music zine and feminist fanzine from berlin.


VINYLDYKE #1 comes in two volumes: the main issue + the b-side, a The Breeders fanzine. 44 pages + 20 pages = analog music love on each of the 64 pages, i promise.

following the riot grrrl zine tradition, i’m writing about all the music stuff that i’m passionate about: songwriting, lesbian feminist fashion (the ‘grunge’ outfit so to say), musicians and bands that i adore, both legendary and local, the ultimate listening-to-music-experience, releasing a record, fan life and also about the gender ‘early 90s rockstar’. it’s a very personal zine, too. let’s browse a little.




some of the artists and bands featured in vinyldyke issue #1 are: L7, kelley deal, jess coram, willie mae thornton, make music not love, ex hex, sleater-kinney, deux furieuses, jennifer finch, the breeders and a lot more that i’m mentioning.

and hey.. whooouuuh, i did not know that creating a zine takes sooo much time and effort! but my motivation was PASSIONLESS=POINTLESS, so i kept going. i also had a wonderful, inspiring mentor, if i can call her that: nina of Echo Zines & Comix. it was her who encouraged me to make my own zine in the first place.

using a real typewriter was so much fun! and horror at the same time. i didn’t have tipp-ex in the first 5 weeks, so believe me, you’ll learn how to focus.


VINYLDYKE following The Breeders a.k.a. The Kelley Deal Trilogy, a queer breeders fanzine.


it’s the analog version of my three concert reviews from their All Nerve tour 2018 with more photos, additional comments, outtakes and aftermath. it’s dedicated to the most adorable rockstar of all time: kelley deal. ;D