VINYLDYKE 2, the 2nd issue of evelyn’r ock n roll zine.

making a zine gives you a lot of opportunities to meet and connect with other creative people – out of the blue, evelyn was asked to interview Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney for a big german print magazine! after the official interview, Carrie agreed to answer a few questions for the small fanzine. grunge queen Jess Coram, holder of the Vinyldyke Songwriting award, also sat down to give insight into the writing and recording process of her latest EP ‘Alien’.

again, the zine contains (hopefully) entertaining music stories of being a fan and a musician, news about evelyn’s new grunge band Passionless Pointless, songwriting tips, a feature about Queers To The Front Booking and thoughts on how to support the DIY music community – and love for the band L7, of course.

VINYLDYKE, diy rock journalism.

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