VINYLDYKE 1, the classic.

the first issue of vinyldyke is an old-school looking, typewritten cut & paste fanzine, inspired by the 90s riot grrrl movent and punk rock attitude.

author evelyn writes about her queer rock n roll life – she tells music stories and anecdotes and shares her thoughts on topics like being a dedicated music fan, on feminist fashion and band t-shirts, gender (Gender: Rockstar!) and releasing music. she gives practical tips for easy songwriting and how to set up a stereo.

evelyn also portraits her favorite bands and musicians such as Willie Mae Thornton, Kelley Deal of the Breeders, L7 and Jess Coram of Bitchslap. And The 1st Vinyldyke Songwriting Award goes to…

44 pages, A5 format, recycled paper.


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