RIOT SPEARS ‘Bad’ 12″ LP, Vinyldyke Edition


The Vinyldyke Edition: vinyl + zine + photograph



RIOT SPEARS, grunge and angry pop from Berlin.

The Vinyldyke Edition contains

  • the debut album ‘Bad’ on red vinyl
  • a zine: Vinyldyke 3, with a feature about Riot Spears, a songwriting tip by singer/guitarist Martha and several mentions of the band
  • an analog photo that I shot at Riot Spears’ video set for ‘Park Song’

Blanca, Martha and Svenja have just released their debut album ‘Bad’, and I promise, every song is a total banger. Raw, noisy, soft, hard, fuzzy, clean,… there’s quite some detail and and I find the whole album super entertaining. Achtung, strong 90s vibes!

I’m very happy to have this brilliant LP in the Vinyldyke Records online store.


Release date: 26/03/2021

Additional information

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 0.05 cm