in front of Rockhaus Berlin, photo by Magic Mary

Jyoti, Kate and Evelyn

Passionless Pointless are a Berlin based band, who fuse elements of grunge with punk rock. Bringing qualities of the ferocity of punk and darker, sludgier sounds, combined with melodic vocals and catchy guitar riffs, Passionless Pointless are bringing back the 90’s sound, with a twist. With lyrics featuring a commentary on personal responses to social norms. The band is comprised of songwriter Evelyn on guitar and vocals, Kate on bass and vocals and Jyoti on drums.

GRUNGE from Berlin

“I don’t think we play grunge music.”

“Me neither. We play punk rock.”

“But also noise rock.”

“And quite heavy.”

“Like… slowed down late 80s punk rock.”

“Which is grunge music.”

“raw, loud and noisy”

Passionless Pointless are three women from Berlin who play it raw, loud, and noisy, which are all great things in my books. This cassette is their first release and it’s a recording of them ripping through six songs live in studio. It’s fierce and unadulterated. You’re going to dig it a lot if you’re into early Nirvana (and I mean pre-‘Bleach’ Nirvana too. If you know, you know) and L7.

—by Tony

The Rockhaus Live Demos

band contact:

passionlesspointess [at] riseup [dot] net