my ‘the breeders’ summer vacation in the uk, 1/3

wait, who are the breeders?!

well, they’re a band from the 90’s grunge era with kim deal and kelley deal on guitars and vocals, a british lesbian playing the bass and a nice dude on the drums, all in their 50s now. they’ve got a unique sound, very distinctive, catchy tunes; sometimes on the softer and darker side while following a rather simplistic approach. and they’re dead cool. 


but for some reason they wouldn’t come to berlin and the other german tour dates were colliding with my students’ final reports, so i checked their uk dates—strike! ten minutes later i had ordered tickets for bristol, birmingham and manchester. i downloaded the airbnb app and my summer vacation was fixed. of course i would go on my own.


that was in january 2018. their album ‘all nerve’ came out in march. i swear, that record is absolutely mind-blowing and 100% breeders style (i mean 99% because it wasn’t possible for them to record all analog this time).

finally, after opening my count-down app thousands of times, school was out for summer. i quickly wrote my last will on a paper towel before boarding the aircraft and then i took off to the uk. first, i would acclimate myself in london for a couple of days. 

hanging around in regent’s park, at london pride parade and at camden market, i spent my time daydreaming about stunning live performances of their new songs like ‘walking with a killer’ or ‘archangel’s thunderbird’ (a krautrock cover song), just to name two. with the band on my mind and these songs on my ears, time passed by so quickly, even the cross-country coach odyssey to bristol was fun.

man, i didn’t know what a beautiful town bristol was! i stayed at an old ladies’ house on top of a hill. what an amazing view! on my way to the venue, i even passed some genuine banksies. i couldn’t care less. 

the venue, o2 academy or something, was really irritating. built overnight, it was lacking any kind of atmosphere. at least they had alcohol-free beer. for £4. i had my beer, i was standing 2nd row behind some young lesbians, nice. 


wow, the sound was incredible! the only advantage of this place, i guess. unlike all other breeders show i had seen, this show wasn’t gathering pace. long breaks between songs, setlist choices i didn’t understand and a lame-ass crowd. whatever! i thought. soon i’m gonna hear my favorite song ‘archangel’s thunderbird’.



at the breakfast table, my host mum had to do her best to cheer me up again. she turned out to be a hilarious anti-trump activist and scientist who had dedicated her life to anti-smoking campaigns and education. and she was a beatles fan with all heart and soul. so she could understand.

but there was hope. 

would they play it in birmingham?

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