Grunge: New music at Vinyldyke Records

It’s noisy, it’s fuzzy, it’s heavy and it stays in your head. Berlin’s underground is buzzing in the Right Now: Vinyldyke celebrates the release of two debut albums, original grunge music from Berlin: Riot Spears – ‘Bad’ and Passionless Pointless – ‘Passionless Pointless’.

Tapes and vinyl of both releases are now available in the Vinyldyke Online Store.

Check them out:


Grunge and angry pop

Fuzzy, dirty and sick 90s vibes: Blanca, Martha and Svenja describe their own music as grunge and angry pop. Wonderful melodies built up to tear them down, sometimes quiet and fragile, sometimes loud and distorted. Riot Spears take you on a beautifully disturbing journey of hopes, dreams, nightmares, sadness, anger and joy. Not only fans of Nirvana and the Breeders should now give Riot Spears’ debut album ‘Bad’ a spin.

Label: Ladies & Ladys

Release date: March 26, 2021

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grunge: heavy, noisy punk rock

Fans of L7, early Nirvana and Babes in Toyland will definitely enjoy the raw and scratchy sound of Passionless Pointless. The band’s self-titled album comes with an old-school zine booklet and a headbanging guarantee. Lebensmotto: Let’s rock tonight.

Album: ‘Passionless Pointless’

Label: Vinyldyke Records

Release date: February 5, 2021

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This is not where it stops. 24/7 Diva Heaven from Berlin have just released their debut album ‘Stress‘ via Noisolution, a killer grunge and stoner punk record from a band that invites you to have a glass of champagne in the mosh pit.

It also seems to happen around the world. Lavender Witch from Belgium dropped their album ‘Awakening‘ in 2020, grunge and riot grrrl with cool 90s melodies and a strong feminist message.

The Heroine Whores from Leipzig, Germany, who are known for their countless Nirvana and Hole references, have a new album up their sleeve. Here’s their Bandcamp site.

Naz & Ella from London who combine grungy tunes (Alice in Chains style!) with folk music will be releasing their EP ‘(De)humanise‘ this spring on May 7.

I must admit I am quite moved by the fact that my favorite music is now being made by people who I can actually relate to and whose views I find important and relevant.

Do you know any other grunge bands recording and releasing music right now? Please drop me a line.

So for now, let’s celebrate all these killer grunge releases and enjoy some cool music videos.